All About Me!

This is My Story
“Veronica Swensen”

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, psychic, medium. I hear, see and smell spirit and have visions of the future. I can read photos, scry crystals and use psychometry.

I befriended one of the readers who took the time to tell me about meditation and guides. I loved what she told me and decided to meditate.

It was the beginning of something I would never have dreamt of. I had voices in and out of my head day in and day out. I found people coming to me and seeking guidance over the counter.
I didn’t realize that one day I would be doing the readings for others and had no intentions of even trying to. However one day a lady came into the shop seeking a reading and it was a day I had nobody in to do this.

I decided to invite her into the reading room and see what messages might come through for her, explaining to her I had never done it before and wouldn’t charge her of course. I just let my voice go and spoke whatever came to me. That lady sent a few people to me and then those people sent people to me, and now I have given up retail and work entirely from my office, all through I love this gift I have been loaned and treat it with the greatest respect.

Perth Psychic

My work has come to me without advertising and working as a psychic was not my plan in life. In fact I had no inkling that I would ever be capable of offering guidance to others. However as my gift grew, I embraced my work. I love life and enjoy guiding people onto a bright and positive path. Life is a gift and such a waste when not enjoyed.

We choose our own paths through our choices. We are the master of our own destiny and pave the path we walk tomorrow with the choices we make today. Nothing is written in stone, we can change our destiny at any time.

I am able to answer the questions that you have and help you
along your path. I work in a compassionate and honest way with
my clients and whatever is told you on your reading is strictly

The spirit world is keen to help us along our paths. We are never alone and our family, friends, guides and angels wait to hear from us to assist us in any manner they can. I work closely with my guide Jonah whilst I do my readings.

I offer a genuine, honest reading with clear quidance and answers
to your questions, and take time to connect to my quides before
beginning my day of work.

I am very blessed on my journey and wish everyone could find the inner peace that I have.