Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

I am a psychic medium from Perth, Western Australia. Its a gift I haven’t learned or developed with classes…it just came naturally. I learned to recognize over the years I had the gift of foreseeing future events, receiving messages from spirit world. I see, I hear, sometimes I get smells and I get very strong messages, particularly when I am with clients. I started doing readings for the public when I opened a shop many years ago. I now have an office, my reading room that I read for clients. I offer in person readings, Phone readings…via Whats App or messenger for those overseas. I also offer email readings when a short answer is sufficient. 

 I give descriptions of people and locations, names will come through at times, names of towns or suburbs often come through. But they come through of their own accord. People who have crossed over will often come through too …if this is what you are looking for please understand if they are meant to they will. We don’t always have control over this type of communication, however bring an item or photo that has belonged to them…

Some of the Services That I Offer

My hours are generally school hours. For those who are working full time,  I do not work Saturdays or Sundays unless I am free to do so.

Private Readings

When you come for a private reading, bring with you a personal item that has belonged to only you..

Whatsap & Phone Readings

Phone and Whatsap readings are a convenient way to have an in depth reading when you are unable to come to my office.

Email Readings

Email readings will give you detailed answers to your questions,

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers will be posted to you within 2 business days of payment. They are non refundable and are valid for a period of 12 months

I only accept paypal online. If you wish to pay by other